Spirit and Consciousness

What we call matter is not really inert or totally unconscious. Spirit is always there in matter. We see matter all around. The physical world is all matter, but Spirit is deep inside matter fast asleep. Spirit has to be awakened inside matter. Matter is the sister, Spirit is the brother. Sister and brother always go together. Or we can say Spirit is the husband and matter is the wife. Matter without Spirit does not exist. Similarly, Spirit without matter cannot function. Matter needs Spirit in order to have its life. Spirit needs matter in order to make its manifestation clear, visible and tangible. When Spirit starts functioning in matter, matter gets life. Consciousness is the Light of the Supreme. It exists in Spirit, it exists in matter, it exists in life, it exists everywhere. Without Consciousness nothing can come into existence, nothing can grow, nothing can be manifested on earth if you have true Consciousness, this Consciousness will be backed by Existence and, at the same time, by Bliss. Consciousness is the connecting link, the golden link between our heart’s ascending inner cry and God’s descending Smile. The individual consciousness is divided, but the Universal Consciousness can never be divided. In your individual consciousness, early in the morning you can cherish pure thoughts, then in two hours’ time you can be subject to undivine, impure thoughts. This happens when you live in your own individual, personal consciousness. But if you enter into the Universal Consciousness, then it is all Peace, Light and Bliss in boundless measure. There you cannot separate consciousness into pieces.

Again, when consciousness operates in the physical, the gross physical, it has very limited capacity and opportunity. But when it operates in the soul, it has boundless capacity because the soul is all freedom, whereas the body is all limitation and bondage.

The highest state of Consciousness is all Light, all Delight. When you enter there, you see that you came from infinite Light and that you are offering infinite Light to the world at large. This state is normal, absolutely normal. When you realise the highest state, at that time you feel that this is some thing that you badly needed. When you enter into that plane, when you see God, you feel that it is absolutely normal, something more normal than your own eyes and nose. As soon as you realise the highest state, you will feel that from time immemorial this highest state was at your beck and call. Right now you are not searching for it, or you are searching for it at a wrong place. But the day you discover it, you will see it is like your own everlasting friend.

The highest state is something beautiful. Right now you see a beautiful child and say, “Oh, this is the most beautiful child I have ever seen on earth.” But when you enter into your own highest state, you will feel that your own inner beauty is infinitely more beautiful than the most beautiful child on earth. And it is not your imagination; It is reality.

Right now you may feel that you are very impure and that somebody else, a saint or a spiritual person, is very pure. But when you enter into your hightest state of consciousness, there you will see that your own purity is infinitely greater than the purity of the saint. Previously you felt that he was the purest being, but in the highest state you are dealing with Infinity.

Because we are in the finite, our vision is very limited. We can see fifty or sixty metres and then we are like a blind person. But when we enter into the highest state and our Third Eye opens, we can see the past, the present and the future. But we do not use our Third Eye in order to enjoy. No! Once we see darkness in someone, we try to help that person. If we see ignorance in someone, we try to illumine that person. We do not look at the situation of others with a feeling of superiority or enjoyment. We do not get enjoyment from the fact that someone else is still in a low state of consciousness and we are in a higher state of consciousness. No, we only are happy that we are in a position to serve him at that moment, that we have the capacity. There was a time when we did not have the capacity, in spite of our best intentions. But now we have the capacity, so we utilise it.

Once we enter into the highest state, we look at Mother Earth as part and parcel own being. Here on earth, when we are superior to someone, we either show compassion or we ignore the other person. But when we enter into the highest plane of consciousness, we feel that those who are unrealised are part and parcel of our being. We have to help them. We have to illumine them. And the moment we serve them, help them, fulfil them, at that time we feel that we are entering into the highest plane of Delight.

Sri Chinmoy