Book VII – Chapter II

1. Because of its difference from color, taste, smell, and touch, unity is a different object.

2. Similarly, separateness (is a different object).

4. Actions and attributes being void of number, universal unity does not exist.

5. That [i.e., the cognition of unity in action and attribute] is erroneous.

6. In consequence ofthe non existence ofunity, however, secondariness would not exist.

9. Conjunction is produced by action of any one of two things, is produced by action of both, and is produced by conjunction, also.

10. By this disjunction is explained.

21. The prior and the posterior (are produced by two objects) lying in the same direction, existing at the same time, and being near and remote.

22. (Temporal priority and temporal posteriority are said, by suggestion, to arise respectively) from priority of the cause and from posteriority of the cause.

26. That is combination by virtue of which (arises the intuition) in the form of “This is here,” with regard to effect and cause.

27. The negation of substantiality and attribute ness (in combination) is explained by existence.

28. The unity (of combination is explained) by existence.