Book V – Chapter II

1. Action in earth (results) from impulse, impact, and conjunction with the conjunct.

2. (If action in earth happens) with a particular consequence, it is caused by adrsta [destiny].’

3. The falling of waters, in the absence of conjunction, is due to gravity.

4. Flowing (results) from fluidity.

5. The sun’s rays (cause) the ascent (of water), through conjunction with air.

6. (Particles of water fly upwards), by means of concussion with impulse, and of conjunction with the conjunct.

7. The circulation (of water) in trees is caused by adrsta.

12. The action of fire and the action of air are explained by the action of earth.

14. The action of the mind is explained by the action of the hand.

15. Pleasure and pain (results) from contact of self, sense, mind, and object.

16. Non origination of that (follows) on the mind becoming steady in the self; (after it, there is) non existence of pain in the embodied self. (This is) that yoga.

17. Egress and ingress (of life and mind, from and into, body), conjunctions [i.e., assimilation] of food and drink, and conjunctions of other products, these are caused by adrsta.

18. Moksa [emancipation] consists in the non existence of conjunction with the body, when there is at the same time no potential body existing, and consequently, re birth cannot take place.

21. Space, time, and also ether are inactive, because of their difference from that which possesses activity.

23. (The relation) of the inactive [i.e., attribute and action] (to substance), is combination [inherence], (which is) independent of actions.