Chapter I Introductory

Having kowed to Isvara, the Cause, and then to the sage Kanada, I am going to describe the nature of things leading to the best of results. [Introductory text.]

Question: Well, what is this highest result?

[Reply]: … the “highest result” is the absolute cessation of pain.

1. A knowledge of the true nature of the six categories substance, quality, action, generality, individuality and inherence through their similarities and dissimilarities,-is the means of accomplishing the highest bliss. (i.i.4)

Abhava, negation, is not mentioned separately, simply because it is dependent (for its conception) upon bhava (the six categories enumerated), and not because there is no such category.

2. This knowledge proceeds from dharma [moral law] manifested by the injunctions of the Lord.