Matter and Spirit

Matter and Spirit are beginningless. Matter is the primordial substance. Matter is ever changing. Spirit is always static. Matter is the possessor of infinite qualities. Spirit sees and sanctions. Matter does, grows and becomes. Spirit is Consciousness. Spirit is the Witness. Matter is the Creativity Infinite. Spirit is the Reality in man. Spirit is the Perceiver of Matter. He who has realised Spirit’s (Purusha’s) eternal Silence and Matter’s (Prakriti’s) cosmic dance may live in any walk of life, whether as a doctor or a philosopher, a poet or a singer; he has achieved the perfection of supreme realisation. There are some who realise the Supreme Spirit in meditation; others by knowledge (the Sankhya philosophy). There are also others who realise the Supreme Spirit by the Yoga of Action and Selfless Service. In addition, there are those who are not aware of it, but who have heard of the Supreme Spirit from others and who have started worshipping it in devotion, and cling firmly to the Truth. They also pass on beyond mortality and cross beyond the snares of death.

Spirit is in Matter. It tastes the qualities born of matter. It does experience the physical existence. The qualities acquired determine its rebirth. Spirit is the Supreme Himself. Although Master of the body, it experiences mortal life. The way to God is to see the Eternal Life in the fleeting life, to know that Prakriti, not Purusha, is to action attached. All activities, says the Gita, divine and undivine, arise in Prakriti. Purusha is actionless. No action is possible in Purusha, for Purusha transcends both time and space. Yet without Purusha, there can be no universe, no manifestation.

Spirit is self-existent and all-pervading, whether within the body or without the body; always unaffected the Spirit remains.

To know that Purusha and Prakriti are one and inseparable is to know the Truth, the Truth of Unity and Divinity in humanity, which will eventually be manifested as the Divinity of humanity.

Source: Sri Chinmoy Library