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  • Revisiting the Upanishads

    Revisiting the Upanishads

    I have been browsing through the Upanishads of late, enjoying their perennial wisdom and marvelling at the common ground they share with 21st century revelations about the primary nature of the universe and with modern quantum theory. The Upanishads are a summation of the knowledge, insights and sacred wisdom of the Vedic sages and seers […]

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  • What is Happiness?

    What is Happiness?

    The happiest man in God’s creation. Make yourself known to humanity: Its dark jealousy will make you unhappy. Make yourself known to yourself: You will unquestionably be The happiest man in God’s entire creation. Sri Chinmoy [1] It might be interesting to have a look at the philosophical development of happiness in a historical context. […]

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  • How Yama and Niyama Affect Daily Life and Yoga Practise

    How Yama and Niyama Affect Daily Life and Yoga Practise

    This is a guest post by Manatita In this essay, the writer will first show the essentials of Yama and Niyama and its relation to Yoga, and will conclude with the practical aspect of how these two ?abstinences?, has affected his daily life and Yoga practice. Yama and Niyama are the first steps in Yoga […]

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  • The Spiritual Significance of the Great Pyramids

    The Spiritual Significance of the Great Pyramids

    The Great Pyramids – Egypt Within man, there are two aspects. There is his real inner, divine self. There is also the body and intellect which, at his present stage of evolution, consider himself to be a separate egoist entity. However, there comes a time when man realises that he is not the body and […]

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  • Spirituality and Philosophy

    Spirituality and Philosophy

    Philosophy and spirituality share some common ideas, but also differ in their approach and practise of the truth. To some people there is a wide divergence between philosophy and spirituality. However, to some extent, they share some similarities and both have their role to play in the discovery of truth. 1. Mind and Heart. Philosophy […]

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  • Secrets of Inner Peace

    Secrets of Inner Peace

    "No price is too great to pay for inner peace. " – Sri Chinmoy Consciously or unconsciously we are all searching for inner peace. Inner peace is the foundation of lasting happiness, and satisfaction. Without inner peace, man can not know, either himself, or be at peace with the world. 1. Inner Peace is a […]

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  • Secrets of Happiness

    Secrets of Happiness

    The Secrets of Happiness by Jogyata Dallas The quest for lasting happiness lies at the very heart of all human purpose and experience, though this much desired attainment is sought in many different ways. Among the ways that have proven successful a number of recurring themes are evident. The perennial philosophies of our spiritual teachers […]

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  • The God of Wild Places

    The God of Wild Places

    The God of Wild Places By: Roger Chamberlain Overlooking Lake Rydal It seems to me that this is one of the great paradoxes of our time. As a race we have been struggling for millennia to tame the forces of nature and to make for ourselves a more comfortable life than our ancestors could have […]

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  • The Growth of Religious Tolerance

    The Growth of Religious Tolerance

    Despite the continued presence of religious fanaticism and bigotry in the word, the twentieth century has witnessed a significant growth in religious tolerance. The idea that different religions and spiritual traditions have a valid approach is more widespread than at any time. To a large extent up until the 19th Century a defining feature of […]

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  • Is Suffering necessary in the Spiritual life?

    Is Suffering necessary in the Spiritual life?

    Many spiritual seekers in the past have felt that suffering and spiritual progress are inexorably linked. There are numerous examples of great saints who went through tremendous physical suffering during their life. For example St Teresa of Avila, St Francis of Assisi and many others suffered with painful illnesses throughout their life. In the Mahabharata […]

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