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  • Interview with Sister Madonna

    Interview with Sister Madonna

    Sister Madonna talks about her life as a nun, active in the world.

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  • The Music of Shimshai

    The Music of Shimshai

    I came across this video of Shimshai and enjoyed the music. Thanks to Poetry Chaikhana video channel for this

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  • A seeker’s journey

    A seeker’s journey

    This video is a very nice interview with Atmananda, one of the principal assistants of the great yogini Anandamayi Ma. Anandamayi Ma grew up in Bengal, which was also the birthplace of other great Masters such as Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Paramhansa Yogananda and Sri Chinmoy. She spent almost sixty years of her life going […]

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  • Sri Harmandir Sahib- Amritsar

    Sri Harmandir Sahib- Amritsar

    Sri Harmandir Sahib- Amritsar – Shabad with Pictures by Ip Singh

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  • Yoga Video Demonstration

    Yoga Video Demonstration

    Filmed in Somnathpur, about an hour from Mysore, India More resources on Yoga via &nbsp Other Recommended Videos Meditation-Silence episode 9 – Control of Breathat Sri Chinmoy TV Life Voices – A green Hero in China – Features Dr. Josef Margraf, a German biologist, who went to China to scientifically work on nearly extinguished species

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  • Video – Meditation Exercises

    Video – Meditation Exercises

    Meditation Silence is a weekly podcast of meditation videos. They offer simple guidance about meditation with spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy This week is an exercise to try and control the mind. Meditation Silence 7 – The Heart Lotus "Please try to imagine a lotus inside your heart. Then try to imagine that the lotus is […]

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  • The Genius of India – Video

    The Genius of India – Video

    In an essay written in 1918 and entitled The Renaissance in India, Sri Aurobindo presents us with a masterly view of India’s culture through the ages — her essential spirit and her characteristic soul, her unique genius and powers which gave her her remarkably long periods of greatness and an unusually prolific creativity — that […]

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  • Video NY City Children

    Video NY City Children

      Danny Goldfield has set out to photograph a child from every country in the world (194 countries) However they must all live in New York city. Danny Goldfield says the project seeks to celebrate the universality of people from different countries. Directed by Bristol Baughan, Reason Pictures. Editing by Lindsay Utz, Public Media Works. […]

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  • Video of Aurora (Northern Lights)

    Video of Aurora (Northern Lights)

        The Northern Lights The Northern Lights, or ‘Aurora Borealis’, are a natural light show that can be seen at the North Pole. They also occurs at the South Pole, where they are called the ‘Southern Lights’ or ‘Aurora Australis’. They are a spectacular display of different shades and colours of light rapidly moving […]

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