Inspirational Quotes

You will have happiness.
You will have satisfaction.
Forgive and forget,
You will have everlasting peace
Within and without.

- Sri Chinmoy


If anyone speaks ill of you,
Praise him always.

If anyone injures you,
Serve him nicely.

If anyone persecutes you,
Help him in all possible ways.

You will attain immense strength.
You will control anger and pride.
You will enjoy peace, poise and serenity.
You will become divine

- Swami Sivananda

“Many people excuse their own faults but judge other persons harshly. We should reverse this attitude by excusing others’ shortcomings and by harshly examining our own.”

- Paramhansa Yogananda

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Photo by Pranlobha, Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries

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