To See God In Everyone

Swami Vivekananda used to recount the tale of a Hindu Sannyasin who took a vow of silence. Unfortunately the sannyasin got caught up in the Indian mutiny. – As he was being stabbed to death by a British soldier, he broke his 15 year vow of silence; saying to the soldier:

"And thou also art He!" [1]

The philosophy of seeing God in all, usually seems an ideal far beyond our grasp. At times, seekers may have difficulty to see God, even in a Saint or Realised Master. However, the ability to see God in all is the hall mark of a realised soul and a constant theme of all spiritual traditions.

An ancient Egyptian poem:

God is the Spirit of spirits,
of creation the Spirit divine.
GOD is God from the beginning
before all things were He was God.


Sri Chinmoy says:

"To me, God is not only the most beautiful Golden Being or Spirit; to me, God is everything. Anything that is God’s creation embodies God. Anything that can be seen in God’s creation is of God and for God. Anything that you appreciate here on earth is not only an embodiment of God but God Himself."

Excerpt from Mahatma Gandhi: The Heart Of Life by Sri Chinmoy.

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