Spiritual Music: Baoul Style

Ranjit and Unmesh Swanson, are meditation students of Sri Chinmoy, who have frequently visited the Indian subcontinent. They have visited various spiritual sites such as Dakshineswar (where Sri Ramakrishna lived)

This is a selection of some of their music. It is sung in the Baoul tradition of wandering mendicants; they are accompanied by simple stringed instruments and percussion. Enjoy:

Recording 1: Vishna Ar Droma by Sri Chinmoy + Song of Sri Ramakrishna. Listen Now (m4a)

Recording 2: 1 song by Sri Chinmoy: 1 song by Sri Ramakrishna: Listen Now (m4a)

Recording 3: 1 song composed by Sri Chinmoy: 1 song a Bhajan of Mirabai: Listen Now



Picture of Dakshineswar, India by Unmesh Swanson: Sri Chinmoy Galleries

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