Sri Aurobindo Quotes on Peace



"The first thing to do in the sadhana is to get a settled peace and silence in the mind.
Otherwise you may have experiences, but nothing will be permanent.
It is in the silent mind that the true consciousness can be built."


"When the mind is silent there is peace and in the peace all things that are divine can come.
When there is not the mind, there is the Self which is greater than the mind."


By: Sri Aurobindo

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<p>The peace need not be grave or joyless -there should be nothing grey in it -but the gladness or joy or sense of lightness that comes in the peace must be necessarily something internal, self-existent or due to a deepening of experience -it cannot, like the laughter of which you speak, be conveyed by an external cause or dependent upon it, e.g. something amusing, exhilarating etc.</p>

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