The Great Pyramids of Egypt

"…We see the Pyramids from several miles away, as they rise up behind the palm trees, looking very sharply defined, altogether splendid, awe-inspiring and simultaneously very soft and veiled. They floated in a thick haze, which took from them every appearance of lifeless stone and made them seem merely like airy creatures from a dream – things which, even as we watched, would turn into rows of indistinct arches, or perhaps delicate columns and ever and again transformed themselves into all the lovely forms of architecture, only then to fade delightful away and melt into the trembling air. "

By:Mark Twain (1)

Photo by: Zbigniew Kosc

Zbigniew has many more fasinating photo collections. I particularly like the ones of the Greek Monastries.

Thanks to ursi and Eso Blog for pointing out these photo collections

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