Mother Teresa Quotes on Love


Quotes by Mother Teresa on Love

The success of love is in the loving
– it is not in the result of loving.
Of course it is natural in love to want the best for the other person,
but whether it turns out that way or not
does not determine the value
of what we have done


It is not how much we do,
but how much love we put in the doing.
It is not how much we give,
but how much love we put in the giving.


If we really want to love
we must learn how to forgive.


We can do no great things;
only small things with great love.


There is a terrible hunger for love.
We all experience that in our lives – the pain, the loneliness.
We must have the courage to recognize it.
The poor you may have right in your own family.
Find them.
Love them.

Mother Teresa

Quotes by Mother Teresa